Keep all your agents fully trained and updated with one single step

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Access all your partner schools training and resources on demand in ONE place

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No more “Agent Portal”
nobody uses

It is hard for agents to keep up with the changing links, login and passwords of every school they represent. When trying to access information agents need speed and convenience.

Panda brings one single access to everything agents may need from all the participating schools they represent.


Your Team. Your content.

Inside growing student agencies the new staff is often trained by a more experienced peer. The information is often rushed, incomplete and biased towards the schools and programs the trainer likes selling the most.

Panda allows every new advisor to access complete, consistent first-hand training made by the school.


Make educated decisions
based on data

What percentage of your agents are fully trained? When was the last time they received training? How are your training efforts impacting your bottom line? Traditional agent training strategies are expensive and really hard to track.

Panda tracks the information that matters while helping you keep the most updated and curated list of active agents.

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How it works

How it works

Create your school profile in a few simple steps. Your profile will remain visible to existing and potential partner agents.
Get maximum results following our proven methodology. We will guide you on how to produce high-quality videos regardless of your current video equipment.
Set up rules for recognizing which users are part of your organization and which are your approved partner agents. You can decide how new users are automatically assigned to specific segments in your training.
Decide which users have access to which of your contents. For instance you can create training only for your own staff, training in Spanish only for agents in Latin America and training in English for partner agents in the rest of the world.
Check which agents are signing up to your training, their completion rate and when they are disengaging.
Allow your sales & recruitment teams to spend less in repetitive training and answering repetitive questions and focus on building relationships helping agents reach their sales targets.
Create your agent profile in a few simple steps. Your profile will stay visible for your existing and potential partner schools.
Set up rules for recognizing which users are part of your organization. You can decide how new users are automatically assigned to specific segments in your trainings.
Every time you finish a training a certification gets created which you can use to build credibility with your clients offline and online. Agencies with a good portion of their staff trained gain attention of the schools for further marketing initiatives.
It is exciting to be able to get your new staff training on the schools you represent from day one. But how about teaching them on how to use your CRM, what's your company's vision, sales processes and procedures, etc.

Now you can do onboarding training in a simple way while monitoring their completion rate and engagement.

The smartest way to
train your team and
partner agents

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